Laws and Social Sciences

1. No illegal drugs(acception to Steriods and H.G.H.).
2. 15-18 years old must train for 2 years for the military or warfare purposes.
3. Every family must own a gun to protect themselves.
4. You can’t kill people because of their race, beliefs, or anything, but if a burglar comes attack you and your family then its fine.
5. Peacocks have the right to cross any street including driveways.
6. The penalty for jumping in the wood chipper is death.
7. You must own a gun license for having more than one gun.
8. You must be 18 years or older to drive and have a license.
9. May not use weapons to solve problems.
Freedom of religion.
Mix of any ethnic groups.
Freely marriages.
any number of children.
We value education, use guns to protect or people, farming, and fishing.


We started off united with Australia. In 1830 we started to fight with them because the were forcing our people into slavery. In 1850 we won the war between the two parts of Australia and became what is now known as Arelioen Wislam. within the time span of fifteen years we were an Anarchy. When several people started a riot and Sylvester Stallone became a the year of 1880 he resigned. Then the people decided to become an oligarchy-republic. Early 1900’s were very rough ,we went through terrible drought. that took away our farming , mining, and almost all fishing. In the late 1980’s we became an alliance with Tunastann(another utopia) and became the most dominate countries in the world. In the late early 2000’s  we became leaders in GDP.

Political Science, Citizenship, and how we survive.

1. Our government will be ruled by one- forth of the country. Also, we and our people decide on stuff. We or the people can come up with ideas or new laws and have people vote on the ideas, and if we don’t like it we’ll just get rid of it.
2. People are informed by our blog or our government newspaper.
3. Political parties are republic.
4. Everyone must go to school until eighteen or nineteen years of age, and they will be taught the highest math, science, and agiculture.
5: People who commit a crime will have three choices(depending on the crime.) Death sentence, jail, and community service.
6: Our contry will survive by farming, mining, fishing, and trading our goods.
7:The only country we trade with is tunastann(another utopia.)
8:We have a currencey of pintoes.
9: We make money by selling our money by selling goods, and taking taxes.